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The finest bitch in the land

2011-04-20 15:39:58 by parzo

I was in love, once. A girl whos name I never knew. Despite this, I knew exactly how I felt the moment I laid eyes on her. It was a warm summers night, and after consuming a large amount of alcohol with some of my peers at a local gentlemens club I was preparing for the unstable and arduous journey home. It was then I saw her. She stood there, gazing me up and down with eyes of cold steel and the stare of a hardened Frenchmen who'd just been bitten by a Spaniard. Not one to be put off by appearances, I approached her and offered a greeting, to which she replied "piss off, you cunt." Accepting defeat, I went for a kebab then fucked off home.


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2011-04-21 10:00:26

thats what jackins for


2011-04-21 10:43:05

Sad story is sad :(


2011-04-21 11:35:08

That's not love my friend.

That's lust.


2011-04-21 13:08:28

OpalFruits? I haven't seen them go by that name in YEARS. I take it they did some kind of limited edition print with the old name?

parzo responds:

Yeah, was quite a while ago though. Pretty sure that picture was from my more active days back in 07


2011-06-18 08:04:59

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